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Premera Blue Cross is a not-for-profit Blue Cross Blue Shield licensed health insurance company based in Mountlake Terrace, Washington, United States. It sells health insurance plans under the Blue Cross license in Washington state except Clark County and under both of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield licenses in Alaska. LifeWise is part of a family of health plans with deep roots in Washington state.

A disappointed customer shares her experience on, "As with many of the reviewers, I've been sitting on hold for an unacceptable amount of time. Since I had to switch to Lifewise, their web site won't let me set up an account (even though I have the policy). So I called.....again. A few weeks ago, after sitting on hold for nearly two hours without a person picking up, I wrote an email asking someone to add the primary care doctor I randomly chose, which they finally did. Now I'm trying to check and see about a PT and my account still isn't recognized. Hey Lifewise, you recognize me enough to take my monthly payment! How can the state of Washington allow this company to do business?"


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Multiple says

"- Managers not knowing how to manage - Ancillary business has no job guarantee, constantly changing - Impossible to move around in the company (Premera) when coming from "outside" of Premera"

Daycare Assistant Teacher (Current Employee) says

"no one ever trained me properly, everyday i came in someone was on their phone and not paying attention to the kids, they"ll have you working full time hours and wont give you any benefits, they tampered with my checks,and overall they're just unorganized."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"The kids are the most rewarding part. Co-workers are amazing. The higher ups have known these kids for years and more and don't even know their names. All they care about is getting grants and money donations. Not a single care about the teens unfortunately."

Teachers Assitant (Former Employee) says

"The children makes the day fun and always something to be done. Management not the best but can be worked around & compensation is okay but no raises.Likable children and parentsDont offer lunch even if under staffed and cant get proper lunch breaks"

Assistant Childcare Provider (Former Employee) says

"Providing tender loving care to children who feel less fortunate is pricless.Flexible work schedule"

Administrative Support/Receptionist (Current Employee) says

"The joy of having to go above and beyond of what is expected to provide service to clients. Making sure that clients receive the resources that is needed to become self-sufficient.Clients are self sufficientLack of Resources available"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"The Kids Made it fun working there. I enjoyed the staff also. I loved coming in seeing smiles on everyone's faces. The pay Wasn't Enough to survive on I had to go."


"It a fun workplace with co- worker and meeting new people everyday. You learned different culture background and learned their needs. It a very relax place as long as you do your job and keep oi up to part.very relaxingno cons"

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